Holiday Tips to Help You Stay in Shape

By Rickie Hodges

1. At the dinner table, start with green vegetables, followed by meat and whole food carbs such as sweet potatoes.

2. Schedule your strength workout in the morning if your holiday meal is in the afternoon/evening.  This will allow your metabolic rate to stay elevated, allowing you to get away with a few more calories.

3. When eating a higher carb/calorie “cheat” meal, plan on following up with about 10-12 low carb meals.  Approximately 2+ days of low carb eating.

4. Add cinnamon to carb meals, such as oatmeal or sweet potatoes.  This helps stabilize blood glucose.  Incorporate fish oil with higher carb meals to mitigate insulin response from those carbs.

5. When baking desserts and want to cut back on calories/sugar, try stevia.  Stevia is derived from the stevia plant and helps support the adrenal gland.

6. Eat Breakfast!  Incorporating at least 20(g) protein, and fiber in your first meal will help stop the catabolic process your body encounters during the 7-10 hours of “fasting” while sleeping.  Eating in the morning is associated with healthy weight management and appetite control.  Decreasing the likelihood of over eating at your holiday feast.

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