Fitness and Wellness Services

Our Nationally Certified Fitness Trainers provide fitness & wellness services for members and non-members. These services include fitness and wellness profiles, customized exercise programs and private consultations.

Fitness Profile: Measure your progress with a complete fitness profile including resting heart rate, blood pressure, body weight, percentage of body fat, flexibility, strength, aerobic capacity, as well as a written report.

Customized Exercise Planner: Maximize your results with a exercise program customized to meet your individual needs and based on your fitness profile test results.

Wellness Profile:  A program that analyzes lifestyle behaviors that are commonly associated with an increased risk of disability or disease such as nutrition, exercise, stress, tobacco, and safety. Also included is an evaluation of your current heart rate, blood pressure, body weight, and percentage of body fat.

Private Consultation: Private Fitness & Wellness consultations are available at no charge to Spa members.


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