Taking it to the Streets

Spring is here and there is no need to stay indoors! We know you will be traveling this season…here are some exercise alternatives to help you:

  1. Mountain Climbers instead of The Stairmaster – Lots of fun! You will need a playground ladder or a jungle gym. You will be able to engage your core and work the upper body. Switch it up by jumping from one side to the other with both feet together.
  2. Overhead Wood Chopping instead of Single Arm Dumbell Pull Back – Simulate the movement of chopping wood one arm at a time, engage your core, slightly bend knees and chop away. You will feel the burn from the lats and shoulders.
  3. Plyometric Incline Push Ups instead of Seated Chest Presses – In addition to working your arms and chest, this dynamic incline push up (thrust off of the ground every rep) will fire up your core. Want more intensity? Jump as high off of the ground as possible.
  4. Walking on Tippy Toes for 10 minutes instead of Seated Calve Raisers – Want a burn? Walk on the front of your feet for 10 minutes. Too easy? Keep walking.
  5. Book Bag Squats instead of Smith Machine or Barbell Squats – Stack books or anything heavy into your bookbag and squat. Keep your back upright and sit as low as you can and burst up with intensity. Be conscious of your alignment, knee and ankle along with glutes and knees.

These are a few exercises that will keep you out of the four walls, get out there and see what you can do! Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back.

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